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Step-by-Step Procedures: What To Expect From A Digital Mammography


Digital mammography is one of the most important strategies in the early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer in the United States. Patients who visit Hunterdon Radiological Associates can expect to receive high-quality care from our staff.

What Is Digital Mammography?

Mammography is a specific type of noninvasive imaging that uses a low-energy X-ray beam. This technology creates an image that shows cysts, tumors and other breast abnormalities in a way that stands out against the background of fatty breast tissue.

Step-By-Step Information About The Digital Mammography Exam

During your exam, each breast is compressed between plastic paddles in the mammography machine to optimize the image quality. Breast compression is necessary because it evens out the breasts' thickness and tissue layers so all of the internal tissue can be properly displayed.

The technician steps behind a glass shield while taking the images and applies compression in gradations. As compression is applied, you should expect to feel some pressure, but be sure to let the technician know if you experience any pain.

The technologist will work with you to obtain the best possible films for optimal visibility, but sometimes additional views may be required to complete your exam.

Do not be alarmed if our medical staff asks you to schedule another appointment for additional imaging or tests. At Hunterdon Radiological Associates, we are careful to complete your evaluation effectively, and sometimes this may require additional imaging. In most cases, these additional views verify a normal examination.

When The Digital Mammography Exam Is Complete

After your exam is complete, a board-certified radiologist on our staff examines and interprets your films. A written report is then forwarded to the physician who recommended the digital mammography, and you receive a mammography letter with results and recommendations for any follow-up examinations, if necessary.

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