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Hunterdon Radiological Associates offer a wide range of digital diagnostic services. Our facility uses state of the art equipment. You can depend on reliable diagnostic interpretation, as board certified radiologists relay their evaluation directly to your physician.

An Overview of Our Business

Our facility has licensed and board certified technologists who perform numerous digital studies on patients. We use the most advanced equipment available. We employ a team of ten skilled radiologists at Hunterdon Radiological Associates. Ethics and integrity are a top priority here at Hunterdon Radiological Associates.

Our Convenient Locations

Our Diagnostic Imaging Center has several convenient locations in New Jersey to serve your needs. Our Hunterdon Radiological Associates - Brems Imaging Center located in Annandale offers Bone Densitometry testing, multi-slice CT scans, digital mammography, 3D digital mammography, ultrasound, and digital X-Rays. Hunterdon Imaging, P.A. offers a wide-bore magnet MRI along with PET/CT services with two locations to serve you in Annandale and Flemington, NJ.

Understanding Our Services

Bone Densitometry (bone density testing) or Bone Dexa is one of the services we offer. Also referred to as Dual Energy X-ray Absorpitometry, this digital imaging procedure is a safe method of making an accurate diagnosis of osteoporosis. This medical condition causes bones to become very brittle and prone to breakage. Bone density testing may also measure the mineral content in a patient's bones.

Our facility also performs multi-slice CT scans, which allows our radiologists to examine the soft tissue structures of organs such as the liver, lungs, and pancreas. When a doctor suspects a patient may have a tumor, this type of imaging may help make an accurate diagnosis. If the doctor suspects a stroke or bleeding within the brain, a multi-slice CT scan may help pinpoint the location and problem. This test is also used for examining the sinuses and facial structure.

We also offer 3D Digital Mammography and digital mammography, which detects lumps within the soft tissues of the breast. Ultrasound may evaluate a fetus during stages of one's pregnancy. X-Rays are offered to diagnosis fractures and broken bones. Call for an appointment today.

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Why Regular Mammography Is Important


Mammograms are often the first line of defense against breast cancer, particularly in women over 40 years old. Mammography can detect irregularities in the breast up to two years before doctors are able to detect lumps during physical examinations. This means cancer can be detected earlier, and the chances of effectively treating and preventing the spread of cancer are much higher. At Hunterdon Radiological Associates, we offer both digital mammography and 3-D digital mammography, which is used in conjunction with regular digital mammography to provide an enhanced look at breast tissue in special cases.

How Do Mammograms Work?

Mammography uses a low-energy X-ray to digitally image the breast tissue. The X-ray highlights irregularities such as cysts or tumors. During a mammogram, each breast is placed between two plastic paddles and compressed. This flattens the breast tissue and allows our radiologists to capture a more accurate and thorough image. During a screening mammogram, two images are taken of each breast. Diagnostic mammograms are more thorough and take more images from several angles. Diagnostic mammograms are performed after abnormalities have been seen in a screening mammogram, if nipple discharge is present or when breast lumps have been found.

Who Should Be Getting Mammograms?

Women aged 40 to 74 should be receiving regular mammography. If there is a history of breast cancer in a woman's family, mammograms should be performed yearly during this time. Women with no family history should be receiving them every two years. Any woman who has found a lump in her breast or has other breast cancer symptoms may also require a diagnostic mammogram. Women over the age of 74 should discuss mammograms with their doctor prior to booking an appointment.

Men with symptoms such as lumps in the breast tissue or nipple discharge may also require diagnostic mammography.

Book Your Mammogram Today

We understand that screening can be a stressful time for many, so for a caring and sensitive experience, book a mammogram today at our Brems Imaging Center in Annandale, NJ. Check our exam schedule for available times and contact us via email or at (908) 237-5395 to set up your mammogram.