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Annandale, NJ CT Scan Clinic Performing Multi-Slice CT Scans

Visiting the CT scan clinic at Hunterdon Radiological Associates for multi-slice CT scanning provides doctors with the information that's needed to effectively treat abnormalities in soft tissue, such as fatty tissue, the lymph nodes, and lungs. Our CT scans also provide doctors with a clear view of organ tissue such as the pancreas, liver, and spleen.

We believe in providing each patient who comes to us for imaging, such as a CT scan or ultrasound, with caring, compassionate service. We also understand you want fast results, and we work to deliver your scans as quickly as possible.

Conditions Identified By CT Scans

A large abnormality in soft tissue, such as a tumor, can be identified and tracked with the use of CT scans. These scans are also able to show the location of abnormalities within and on bony structures, such as the head and spine. Some examples of this use include:

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  • Evaluating strokes 
  • Identifying tumors
  • Locating bleeding within the skull
  • Locating a head injury
  • Exploring structures within the brain
  • Examining the spine from all angles
  • Finding damage in facial bones
  • Looking inside the sinuses

CT Scans For Lung Screening

Lung screening is one specific use for a multi-slice CT scanner, and it offers an exceptional benefit for patients. The benefit is that a multi-slice CT scan can pinpoint a lesion that's as small as a grain of rice. Early detection means treatment can begin earlier, giving the patient a better cure rate.

Without a multi-slice CT scan, lung cancer tumors generally grow to be about as big as an orange before being detected. Traditional X-rays don't offer the early detection ability provided by CT scans. 

Conditions To Discuss With Your Technologist

If you're allergic to iodine or the dye used for X-rays, it's important to discuss it with your technologist before your procedure. Information about cardiac problems and asthma should also be discussed before your CT scan. If you have any of these issues, a different procedure may be offered on a different day, such as an ultrasound or an MRI. You may also be offered a CT scan without first being administered a contrast medium.

Contrast Mediums

Contrast mediums are a type of dye injection that makes blood vessels and organs stand out with greater clarity when scanned. It's iodine-based, which is why patients who have iodine allergies need to mention it to the technician before the procedure begins. The technician from Hunterdon Radiological Associates provides more information about this when you're preparing for a multi-slice CT scan.

A different type of contrast medium is required for intestinal scans. This type of procedure requires patients to drink the contrast medium rather than having it injected. Regardless of the procedure you're having performed, we understand preparing for an imaging procedure may be stressful, and we take the time to make sure each patient knows what to expect. 

The Basic Steps Of A CT Scan

While each procedure is unique based on patient needs, there are some basic steps for each CT scan performed. During the time the procedure is being performed, you're able to see and talk to the technician at all times. This ensures you never feel alone during the procedure. Plus, if you have any complications or unexpected concerns, you're able to talk to the technician immediately.

The basic steps of a CT scan include:

  • Removing your street clothes and putting on an exam gown
  • Stretching out on a table that eventually will pass through a gantry, which is the donut-shaped part of the CT scanner
  • Remaining still while an X-ray tube passes around you while you are inside of the gantry

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