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Wide-Bore MRI Scans In New Jersey 

Wide-bore MRI scans offer an intriguing alternative for patients who struggle with traditional MRI systems. At Hunterdon Imaging, PA, we take pride in offering our patients an imaging option that’s both beneficial and less stressful. 

What Is A Wide-Bore MRI Scan? 

A wide-bore MRI system is basically a wider version of the standard closed-bore machine. While standard MRIs feature a 60-centimeter opening, wide-bore systems feature openings measuring up to 70 centimeters. That 10-centimeter difference can mean the world to patients who suffer from claustrophobia or have other concerns about a more enclosed space. The wider bore also helps accommodate patients who may not comfortably fit in a tighter-diameter system. In addition, the exam table is much shorter than in traditional MRI procedures. As such, patients are usually not completely in the tube.

Benefits Of A Wide-Bore MRI

Wide-bore MRIs also offer higher-quality imaging. When you're looking for a clearer picture with optimal precision, wide-bore MRIs deliver. This is a major draw for doctors and patients looking for quick answers without the ambiguity that could come with other types of scans. It also helps prevent the need for repeat imaging, saving time and money along the way. 

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Preparing For Your MRI

Your MRI starts with a consultation, during which your doctor will decide whether you’re an ideal candidate for the scan. This preparation procedure includes several qualifying questions such as:

  • Have you ever received cancer treatment?
  • Could you be pregnant?
  • Do you work with metal as a profession or as a hobby?
  • Are you currently metal-free?

You’ll also be screened for devices such as cochlear implants, aneurysm clips, cardiac pacemakers, implanted drug infusion devices and intravascular stents that could react to or interact with the magnetic field used during an MRI scan.

During Your Exam 

Because the MRI scanner uses a magnetic field and pulse radio waves to reach the targeted areas, the imaging room is a metal-free zone. It’s therefore important to arrive for your exam dressed in clothing that’s free of metals. If that’s not possible, you can change into a gown we’ll provide for your comfort and safety.

You’ll then lay down on a table. A device, commonly referred to as a coil, will be placed either under or over you to help produce the picture of the area being scanned. Once everything is in position, the table will move toward the magnet, and the MRI tech will guide the imaging process from the control area. You’ll be constantly monitored both visually and through a two-way intercom; if you ever feel frightened or concerned, you’ll be able to ask questions or ask for assistance, and the tech will have the same ability to communicate any additional instructions to help facilitate the best possible scan.

During the scan, you may hear muffled thumping or knocking noises. It’s completely normal — that’s just the MRI machine at work. While every MRI is different, most scans run through several sequences, each running anywhere from one to 10 minutes. The average sequence is around four minutes, and a complete scan can take between 30 or 40 minutes, depending on the body part being scanned, though some scans of more complex regions or that include several areas could take 90 minutes or more.

Sometimes your doctor will order an MRI with contrast. This just means you’ll receive an injection of dye that will help illuminate certain structures on the resulting images. The dye is temporary and will end up either being absorbed by your body or eliminated as waste when you urinate.

Why Schedule Your MRI With Hunterdon Imaging, PA? 

At Hunterdon Imaging, PA, “good enough” simply isn’t. That simple phrase sums up our very layered approach to customer service and patient care. By providing a wide range of services spread over several convenient locations, we’re doing our best to connect people with the diagnostic imaging they need without disrupting their busy schedules.

We don’t make you work around us; we aim to cater to you with service you can count on and friendly, dedicated staff passionate about your experience. 

Making An Appointment 

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