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Diagnostic Imaging Center In Annandale, NJ


Hunterdon Radiological Associates is a freestanding diagnostic imaging center that offers a wide range of modalities to patients in northwestern New Jersey. Once your doctor has prescribed your imaging tests, partner with our compassionate front office staff, skilled technicians and expert radiologists to schedule, complete and interpret your exams efficiently. Whether you’ve experienced an accident or injury and your doctor is exploring the extent of the damage or you’ve been feeling ill and exploratory testing is necessary to diagnose its cause, we’re ready to provide first-class care to help you and your physician determine your course of treatment. 

Brems Diagnostic Imaging Center In Annandale, NJ 

Brems Imaging Center, in association with Hunterdon Radiological Associates, offers a number of key modalities from its Dogwood Drive location in Annandale, NJ, including:

  • Bone densitometry
  • Multi-slice CT scanning
  • Digital and 3D mammography
  • Ultrasound
  • Digital x-ray.

Additionally, Hunterdon Imaging PA offers wide-bore MRI scanning in our Dogwood Drive’s lower level and at our office located at 2100 Wescott Drive, MRI Suite, in Flemington, NJ. Check our online scheduling information to see which modalities are offered at specific times so you can understand our scheduling before you call our office. 

Hunterdon: A History Of Service In New Jersey 

Hunterdon Radiological Associates/Hunterdon Imaging PA have been serving patients in northern New Jersey since 1977 with a diverse staff of highly trained radiologists who have earned their MD and DO degrees from leading medical schools throughout the country. Many of our radiologists have attained board certification after prestigious internships and fellowships. Each day, HRA radiologists use their decades of experience at the cutting edge of radiological technology to detect diseases from inception to advanced levels. 

Trust Hunterdon Radiological Associates For Your Imaging Needs 

When your doctor has prescribed imaging services to aid in determining the cause of the health issues you’re experiencing, trust Hunterdon Radiological Associates/Hunterdon Imaging PA. to schedule you promptly, treat you compassionately throughout the imaging process and bring the highest level of expertise to interpreting your results. Contact our scheduling department at 908-237-5395 to schedule your radiological scans. We offer early morning, later evening and weekend hours to best suit your needs.