Clear, Accurate Digital X-Ray Images for New Jersey Patients

Hunterdon Radiology uses cutting-edge imaging technology and testing equipment to provide New Jersey patients and their doctors with clear, accurate images and test results. We utilize advanced digital imaging technology to take high-resolution digital x-ray images that save patients and providers time and money in treating and diagnosing health conditions.

What is a Digital X-Ray?

Think of digital x-rays as similar to digital photos. Before modern technology allowed us to snap photos and instantly view them on a digital camera screen, images had to be captured on film and processed in a photo lab before we could see how they looked. Digital x-rays work in a similar way; they are a technologically advanced alternative to traditional x-rays. The decreased cost of digital sensors has allowed the digital imaging process to be applied to x-rays in the medical and dental fields almost entirely eliminating the use of low doses of radiation to capture the images. The resulting high-resolution digital x-ray images provide crisper, more detailed views of the body, and they can be transferred digitally between providers or to insurance companies.

What Is a Digital X-Ray Used For?

Digital x-rays have the same applications as traditional x-rays without the limitations and disadvantages of the latter. They can be used to detect and diagnose a myriad of health conditions, allowing for the almost instantaneous reading of images on a digital display. Like other digital files, these images can be stored on flash drives or instantly sent via e-mail to providers and insurance companies, reducing the turnaround time of traditional x-ray testing.

Digital vs. Traditional X-Ray Images

Digital x-rays offer countless benefits over traditional imaging techniques. While traditional x-rays have generally been considered safe, digital x-rays require the use of 80 percent less radiation than traditional images. Since digital images are displayed electronically, they no longer have to go through the time-consuming development process, which uses chemicals that can be harmful to humans and the environment. This also means that the cost of producing x-rays is cheaper since radiologists no longer have to purchase expensive film, paper, or developer. Since the x-rays can be read immediately, doctors can provide faster diagnosis and treatment for patients. As a result of this faster process, more patients can be seen in a shorter period of time, leading to a high return on investment from the new system. Digital x-rays are also simply more convenient, easier to read in detail, and easier to send and store.

About Hunterdon Radiology

Hunterdon Radiology strives to be at the forefront of advances in medical technology, using state-of-the-art testing equipment to provide faster and more efficient services to doctors and patients. We have three convenient New Jersey locations that offer flexible appointment times, including evening and weekend availability. Our board certified technologists and radiologists provide friendly, compassionate service to patients and quick test results to physicians.

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